donderdag 14 november 1996

How to contribute?

As you know, the main aim of the project is to collect funds for To Write Love On Her Arms. Now, there are two ways in which you can help me with that:

1. Participate in the online auctions
In the week from the 6th until Friday the 13th of September starting and finishing at 13.00h CET, I will auction off the following items on this Ebay page:

During the trip, the people I met covered the helmet with names of their loved ones, giving literal meaning to the catchphrase 'a little bit of love can go a long way'.

If you manage to snatch away the helmet, you will also get yourself a bonus t-shirt. This shirt carries the Hölderlin quote from the Beast's windshield on the front, and the touring schedule on the back.

  • Four one-off t-shirts
All of the shirts are sized L, and come with a lifetime warranty of awesomeness.

Formerly in the works on Facebook, you could tag yourself in the picture, after which Ria drew you into the picture using your profile pic. The original will be auctioned off. 

The auctions are now closed.

2. Donate to TWLOHA online
If you want to keep it simple without having to grind your teeth at possibly losing out on an auction, simply click this link (or click the picture below) and follow the instructions. The site was a suggestion of TWLOHA themselves and you don't even have to log in anywhere - in fact, you can even contribute anonymously if you wish to.

All funds from both the auction and online donations will go directly to TWLOHA. But whichever way you choose to contribute, thank you!