dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Fundraising the roof!

How's that for a horrible pun?

With four months until lift-off, I thought it would be nice to make the fundraising a little more concrete. Henceforth, I opened up a 'Donate'-section on the site. Amongst other things, it shows you the way to the all new StayClassy fundraising page where you can already contribute with some of your precious hard-earned cash. When the Ebay auctions start in September I will put all the respective Ebay links on the Donate page as well. So spread the word!

Speaking of which, I've also made the decision to make the helmet auction an international affair, and put it on Ebay alongside the other auctions. This way, all of you followers abroad will have a chance to pitch in as well, and maybe earn yourself the helmet. How awesome is that?

In other news, riding has sort of resumed the past week... the only bad thing is that the Spring here in the Netherlands seems to have trouble waking up. Temperatures continue to balance around zero degrees, making the riding a tiptoe kind of thing as one of my golden rules for riding safety is not to bother when temperatures get below zero. Too much risk for slippery surfaces and road salt. I can deal with rain, hail and everything else the weather throws at me, but freezing temperatures are just a big no-no.

So I expect some rising temperatures the coming days. This has gone on for long enough!