vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Looking ahead

Even though riding has been pretty much at a standstill for the past weeks due to the amount of frost passing over the Netherlands, the preparation is still chugging along nicely. I've got a cooling vest in, the replacement of the Drift has earned its first stripes, the first provisions for the trip are in as well and tomorrow the Alp is going to the garage to get the steering stem bearings replaced.

Luckily, the frost seems to have entered a 3 day lapse which is perfect to bring the beast back to life and get it to its garage appointment.

The beast itself had some trouble waking up after a 6 week nap (who wouldn't - 't was probably some moisture in the carbs), but eventually it fired up and all was well. I took the liberty of shooting the first on-board images with the new cam, and the Ghost is doing a top job. The sound is way better (you can hear alot more with alot less windnoise) and the images themselves seem alot crisper too. At the bottom of this post is a short clip from the Facebook page  to give you an idea.

There's a few things I keep thinking about when it comes to this Summer's trip, apart from all the things that still need to be done.

Ever since the project took off in 2010, I've been thinking about how it would feel like riding off the ferry into the country I'd dreamt about for my entire life. A moment which will probably stick with me for the rest of my days.

I can only really compare it to the moment I rode back into Harwich this Summer after a harrowing 2200 mile journey through Britain; I can't really describe what happens to you - you just feel that everything you sacrificed, everything you had to endure up until that moment was completely worth it... and you cannot help but be overcome by a strange ecstatic mix of emotions. Last Summer I subsequently had to do my very best to keep the beast on the road.

Seems to me then that the eventual disembarkment this Summer will probably result in a crash of some kind, hahahaha (*knocks on wood*).

Five months to go. It goes quicker than I thought.