zaterdag 26 januari 2013

All for a good cause

These last couple of months are just going to be terribly expensive, I can already see it happening...

First of all, I got around to replacing my defective helmet camera. The new one is a Drift Ghost, and it basically continues where the HD170 left off. It's around three-quarters of the size of the HD170, has a bigger screen, is waterproof upto 3 metres, is more reliable as a whole and has improved on everything that made my trusty HD170 so great. Thus far, end of shameless plug.

Then secondly, the bike is going to get the steering stem bearings replaced, and a week later I'm probably purchasing the helmet for this Summer as well. I still have to order a few things with Touratech, as well as taking care of finances for the countries that don't carry the Euro. Just a few of the many things to do before Greece awaits...

Good thing is though that I seem to have surpassed the phase where the items added to the to-do list outnumber the ones ticked off, so that's nice... now I just need to find the time to do the remaining items, hahahaha.

As I'm very likely to encounter some serious heat, I'm not only adding a cooling vest to my apparel, but also thinking of incorporating a drinking system to the helmet. However, as I don't like riding with a backpack I'm not sure whether a Camelbak is going to be a suitable solution or not. To be continued.

Oh, before I forget - the project is now also followable by Twitter - just use the button in the menu on the right.

If I find the time to post updates on the road to Greece, I'll do so by tweeting; these updates will then automatically be posted to the Facebook page as well. Makes things easier for me, as well as for you... so ain't that awesome!