donderdag 12 juli 2012

Start your engines!

Final post till Britain beckons!

The past few days have been spent putting the last things into place. Getting the bike ready, the accommodations listed, along with all the other little unforeseen doo-dads that still needed to be taken care of. I gotta say, I'll be really happy when I'm just on my way, eating up the miles... because the waiting-for-take-off thing just is slightly eating away at my conscience. It's made me slightly apprehensive too - not cold-feet-apprehensive, but more like a ZOMG-I'm-going-to-the-end-of-the-world-apprehensive.

Weather forecasts don't seem too well either, but I'll just have to take it as it goes - the only effect it has for me is that I probably won't be able to test my super-awesome heat-suit any further than I already have. English summers, what else can you do eh? Above all though, I can't wait to revisit the lands of 'bad food, worse weather', see whether sheep from Wales really are as nervous as their neighbours claim (maybe the Welsh just like sha-warma?) and find out whether that John O'Groats camping spot really is at the edge of a cliff. And as a real Dutchman, a few raindrops aren't going to stop me.

For on-the-way pics, cast a watchful eye on the project's Facebook page. If I find a chance to get internet anywhere, I'll probably post small updates there. Afterwards, the full report will ofcourse be posted here.

(oh, and just for the record - I'm not going to play golf. There's boundaries, you know.)