zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Three weeks!

With three weeks to go until departure to the UK, things are moving along nicely. The bike's oil- and airfilter will be replaced in the coming weeks, and a few bits of the rear rack will be painted as bare metal is showing.

Maps are in as well - I purchased the Michelin GB roadatlas, as it's spiralbound and therefore easy to use. I probably won't use it on the move (eyes should be on the road at all times, I reckon) but during stops it should prove very handy. For the Drift I ordered a suction mount, enabling me to shoot from the panniers and pretty much anything else I can clip it on.

The route has been finalised now pretty much as well (click the hell out of me!) - new additions are Holy Island, John o'Groats and the London Olympic Park. I figured that if Scotland is going to be the main aim of the trip, I might as well see as much of it as I can.

Lastly, I experimented a little bit with extra sunprotection on the helmet - I've noticed that when the sun's close to the horizon, the built-in sunvisor of the N90 still doesn't work as well as I'd hoped on the longer trips. This week, I took some painting tape and masked up the top of the main visor. Worked like a charm... so I took off the tape, made a template out of it, which I then used to cut one of the big stickers into shape. It's the top one on the below picture.

I gotta say, just browsing through the roadbook the penny sort of drops on the magnitude of the 2013 trip to Greece. On one side, I'm itching to get out there... but on the other, it scares me a little :o) especially when I realised last week that the total length of the 2013 trip is just as much as I've ridden in total with the Alp since I purchased it last October...

Above all though, I'm still really looking forward to it all. If anyone wants to meet up/ride along on the way, just drop a line!