maandag 27 februari 2012

Hidden From You

A week of holiday, and things are slowly moving onward. I've been riding again for the past week, and I've been brooding to use these days off for a small trip of sorts. Still, I first have to deal with the ever-so-present issue of windnoise before doing that.

Anyways, I thought I'd do a compilation of some of the Drift's best footage up until now, and pair it with some writing. I for one can say how valuable family and close friends can be in times of need, something which is often underestimated extensively. A tribute then seemed to be in good order; I hope you enjoy the end result!


Tell me of your darkest hour
My ears are yours to lend
Tell me stories sweet and sour
For you are not alone, my friend.

I see a storm within your eyes
your face cannot pretend
So speak to me, omit the lies
For you are not alone, my friend.

Out this night, I'll show a way
Towards the light, towards the day
Out this night I'll carry you
For I'm only your friend because of you

You may feel lost but I'll show the way
to endure this storm and embrace the day
We'll cross bridges, tunnels and more
I'll be your brother through blizzards and storms

I may not be perfect, but we'll have to make do
as the world's kept too much hidden from you