dinsdag 7 februari 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Because Holland has been in a frost state ever since last week, I haven't been riding much. Another shipment from Touratech came in though, this time with camping-gear and some accessories for the Drift (like a microphone!). Because of this winter-induced hiatus, I took the time to just flick through the images made since the very beginning of the project in 2010... of which you can view a main selection in the Photo Gallery to the left.

It seems only yesterday I was riding my first metres through the streets of my hometown, with my instructor wizzing around me to keep me safe. And now, I've passed all the exams, I've got my license, I've got my motorbike and the first actual journey is less than half a year away. It's as confronting as it is reassuring to just see it all lined up like that... I am actually doing what I've always dreamt of doing.

Ofcourse, it always pays off to take a few steps back and just look at what you've accomplished... because you don't really see the progress when you're busy making something reality. You just take the steps, one by one, oblivious to the distance you have covered.

Until you look back. And oh my, what a view that can be.