zaterdag 5 november 2011

Taking a detour!

Not a week goes by without news, how cool is that!

I got into contact with someone in Greece who was terribly kind enough to help me out with a detailed route towards Cape Tenaron from Igoumenitsa, taking me through all kinds of beautiful Greek cities, towns and scenery whilst missing out on any terrorizing traffic. The Route is therefore slightly altered. Thanks a bunch for all your advice Asterios - I'll surely be taking you up on that offer to ride through Athens together ;)

The Alp is doing great by the way. I did a 100km tour with a friend of mine last weekend and besides the fun of racking up the miles with a fellow biker it also gave me a small taste of what hours of riding will eventually feel like... and it's something in the order of a sore ass, hahaha. Bit by bit I'm getting a better understanding of the machine and what it requires - I guess practice makes perfect. Still, there's a long way to go.

I have to say that it feels so strange doing all these kinds of things now, where just 18 months back I was in a state of mental disrepair. It sorta tells me that it's always worth it sticking with your hopes and dreams, because you may not realize that they can be just around the corner. Going to a funeral this week for the first time since 1996 reminded me of that - it seemed only yesterday I was at that particular ceremony, whilst in fact it'll be 15 years ago in two weeks. Time flies, I guess...