zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Greasemonkeys Ahoy!

Today I could reflect upon the first week with the Transalp, and check the various things which could need doing as well as giving it a bath. Interestingly enough the battery was nearly dry, so I took it out, refilled it and after refitting, the Alp started up without hesitation. Job well done there then.

The chain will need replacing in the coming weeks, as will the rear brake pads. The coming week, I'm planning to fit the Alp with new rubber (currently it's on off-road tires).

Journey-wise, I've been looking around the interwebz for panniers that are up to the task of carrying all the luggage next year and the year after - thus far, ZEGA cases from Touratech seem the obvious choice as they are big enough and compatible with the H&B rack mounted on the bike (that, and the fact that they look AWESOME). As always though, I'm open to suggestions.

Furthermore, the most probable time for me to do the 2012 'rehearsal tour' of Great Britain seems somewhere in July. I have to make sure it won't creep on me though, since 9 months can pass in a heartbeat and I don't want any last minute surprises.

As far as the route for the coming summer is concerned, I haven't made any concrete decisions yet. Most probably, the GB tour will be in anti-clockwise direction of the island, starting in Harwich, moving up through York to Edinburgh and Glasgow, before moving down towards Liverpool, Cardiff and Winchester. If you have any suggestions for Welsh places worth visiting, I'm all ears for you!