vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Commence Part 1

Here we go. Now the long and harrowing months of preparation are at an end, it's time to saddle up, get on going, and get Péus to the first of two European extremities (or the second of three, if you want to split hairs). Part 1 of the Hekla Project is a go!

I'm slightly apprehensive this time around - not because of the areas I'm traveling through, but whether the Beast will still cope. The past months saw 2 major surgeries, and its odometer crossed 91500km this week, so the ol' girl has got her work cut out. The mechanic that checked her up last week complimented me on how well she ran, but still, I'm taking plenty of oil (and a spare gasket) along to be sure.

I'm probably just going to take things as they come; I want to take things easy this time around, and I will most likely do so. Should any problems arise, I'll deal with them accordingly - as it is, it's no use worrying about something I can't change.

Anyways, the estimated itinerary is as follows:

26th: Northern Germany
27th: Denmark
28th: Sweden
29th: Norway

The Nordkapp will probably await just over a week later, depending on how things go. I'm going to take my time though - most of the route has a very loose schedule, without planned stops.

I'll hopefully arrive at the Finnish-Russian border at the end of the second week of August (the 14th, that is), and then it's just over a week's riding that separates me from home.

If circumstances permit I will post on-the-road updates on the Project Facebook page. If you want to get in touch, just send me a message through Facebook or Twitter - I'm more likely to check either those pages than my Email account (social media nerd whoo!)

Hopefully I'll have enough space left on the lids for the countries of this trip, though...

Anyways, see you on the road!