woensdag 1 januari 2014

Mean and lean into Twenty-Fourteen!

And so a new year begins. The year of - hopefully - Finland. And Sweden. And Norway. The Arctic Circle. The year of the Baltic Sea. And probably of a space shortage on my panniers.

Things are slowly moving ahead. After the problems last month the Beast is back in shape, and I've finally had time to continue on the things that had been lying around for months. Like stripping the rack from its old paint, for example.

You can already expect the first bit of madness abroad at the end of April by the way; with a group I'll be paying ze Germans a visit for some good ol' beer-und-bratwurst campfire larks. A good moment to get some of the new additions to the camping gear tested in the field.

Anyway, I've also managed to cook up a new Youtube installment as well, which functions both as a project trailer as well as some well-deserved praise for the Beast. The animal's brought me 40,000 km (25K in miles) through 15 countries in just over 2 years, so I reckoned a humble tribute was well in order.

Anyways, have a good 2014, and ride safe. Enjoy!