vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Boxed in, boxed out

Thankfully, winter has been mild this season in the Netherlands. Thus far it's only frozen about 3-4 nights, and because of this the annual hibernation is yet to commence. Riding therefore has been consistent, and akin to that of riding in Spring. Whoo!

It has however got one downside to it: I want to get the Beast's seat freshly upholstered, which would take a week. During this week the Beast would have to do without its seat, so riding would be at a standstill. 

In turn, that wouldn't be a problem if the bike was hibernating anyways... but thanks to the lovely weather I still haven't been able to get around to it. Never thought I'd be hoping for some frost...

Anyways, there's also good stuff - I finally got around the cleaning up the panniers from all the grit that collected itself on there this summer, and I gave them some fresh decals in the process. 

Some fresh supplies have been coming in as well. And that means: presents! Omnomnomnom.

With the plethora of grub, there's also part of my new hypermodern satnav system for the coming year. 

This won't be all of the maps for 2014 though, as some regions are still missing (namely Denmark and central Norway). Still, it's nice to see the route before me for once - I guess alot of changes to the present route are still to come, as usual.

Oh, and there was also another thing that came in...but which I will leave unopened for now.

It'll just have to wait patiently, on top of the cupboard.