zondag 27 november 2011

A Touch Of Frost

Because the week of the 14th saw the first frost here in the Netherlands and with it, the first use of the evil that is road salt, I decided to put the Alp to sleep until January. Cleaned it up, lubricated the lot, changed the oil, took out the battery, and then it was nighty-night for the ol' girl.

The coming months then shall be used to scheme and twist my non-existant handlebar moustache about routes and what-not. I haven't really thought of a precise route for the upcoming year which needs doing, as well as gathering up the equipment. Just stopping by the Touratech website gave me an impression - after doing some final measuring, I reckon the first parcel will be bound for Dekatria-HQ.

Ofcourse as this all progresses and the Alp is curling itself up, it just HAD to be brilliant riding weather this past week. There were friggin' polarbears walking by the window this time last year, but now there's people still walking around in t-shirts. Gah!

Still, I better leave the Alp alone for now - for all I know a blizzard may flare up the minute I turn on the ignition. And I'm sure prematurely waking a hibernating beast is far more dangerous than polarbears can ever be...