zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Well spoken chap

As the winter is slowly fading out of the Dutch landscape, work is steadily progressing at Project-HQ.

A recent check-up at the garage revealed the brake discs in front where quite worn, making them eligible for replacement. At first I was surprised at the news, but upon checking my service history I noticed that since I changed the current discs two years ago I had already done another 50.000 km. Sometimes I just forget how much mileage I do every year.

 I thought it to be as good a moment as any to also take on the rear brakes - as it turned out, the rear disc was also right at the limit, and with a lot of off-road madness (and with it, rear-brake malarkey) upon me the coming year I reckoned it to be best to take the rear along as well.

Ofcourse, this was coupled with the rear wheel getting relaced. Just like with the front, I got into contact with Albert Rorije, who did a sterling job on the front wheel two years ago. Having made it with the front through half of Europe now, it was time for another visit... and once again, he delivered.

Also the front got the necessary attention... and immediately, I took it upon myself to seek out the spring sun. The right caliper put up a bit of a fight (which was quite interesting since it let to some fully fledged cursing in the middle of a public parking lot), but in the end, all was well.

Fresh steel! I also opted for a wave disk in the rear, as the past two years with waves in the front have proven that they don't fade as quickly as the original ones. Don't ask me when I'm going to clean the rim though...

All of the other prep is slowly chugging along. Bookings have been made, dates have been set, and slowly but steadily I'm getting to that familiar state of slight apprehension. I'm not sure what to expect from this summer's ride, really... and that's just the way I like it best. One thing I know for sure is that's going to be intense...

T Minus 4 months. Time flies!