zondag 9 maart 2014

Saddle up!

The past two weeks the seat was getting reupholstered. After returning from Greece, the seat's skin had been cracked due to all the abuse from my rock-hard butt cheeks, so it deserved a fresh start.

Thanks to the guys at Woesthoff, it's now back to its former glory. Ready for the other half of Europe!

Speaking of the rest of Europe by the way, I've changed the route of the coming Summer yet again. The old route would take me around 3 weeks to complete, and I easily could've taken a week longer if I desired to do so.

So that got me thinking: why not add the Nordkapp to it? It will add approx. 5 days to the current trip, and as was the case with the addition of the Rome city-centre this summer: you can't come that close to it and then not go there. 

So there you have it - after going to the far South of Europe in 2013, I'll be doing the far North in 2014. I guess those insanity rumors really seem to be true...

I've added the setup of the tooltube to the packing list now as well by the way. Have a look-see!