zaterdag 13 juli 2013

Enter Panic Mode

Finally found another use for that picture. Charming, right?

The final seven days have commenced, and with it, so has the panic! So much stuff to do, so little time left! Final maintenance on the beast, finalization of the route back up, getting all the luggage together in the right order - oh yes, the time of neurotic psychosis has begun. Joy of joys!

One of my colleagues came with the original idea of a 'picture send-off' - you can tag yourself on this Facebook picture, and using your profile pic she will draw you into the picture of which the original will be auctioned off in September as well. Ain't that cool?

Another cool thing is that with the final week, I can indulge myself in stickering to calm down the franticness. There's some weird, twisted satisfaction in putting stickers on things (must be why I hand them out on the way) so I've committed on putting the last few stickers on both the beast and the helmet.

Yes, this (the right one) is it - the blank canvas you maniacs will be allowed to scribble on if we meet during the trip and the thing of which I hope it will gather some substantial support for TWLOHA once the trip has passed. Bathe in its magnificence!
See the cryptically named 'How can I contribute'-page for more!

Ofcourse, the helmet and drawing won't be the only things auctioned off in September. I will also have four t-shirts up for grabs, all of which are one-offs and will be auctioned off individually. Have a look -see anything you like?

I've changed the menu to the right a little bit, so that all information regarding the auctions and contribution to TWLOHA is in the same place. Have a look-see.

Now, onwards with the neurosis!