vrijdag 7 september 2012


Last week I visited a Serbian colleague of my father, who talked me through the various spots of interest in the Balkan area. Knowing that he spends his holidays in the area during Summer, he was even kind enough to step up as an on-the-spot 'fixer' should the need arise - something I cannot thank him enough for... so thanks again Dragan!

The only issue with the Balkan is that after talking through the area, there are far more areas of interest than I seem to have time for. Just like with the trip through Britain, choices will need to be made. I also need to take the issue of exhaustion into consideration, as by the time I'm leaving Greece I will have done about 4000km already. This probably means that instead of taking the other possible route through Macedonia and Serbia, I'm taking the shorter route back through Albania, saving time yet still giving myself time to enjoy what's all around me.

Thanks to the welding expertise of Bert Vos the rack on the beast is now straightened out, and the coming days I'll be stripping it of its old paint and respray it as the old coat is chipping all over. I guess the people at Hepco & Becker don't really know their paint all too well ;)

The left pannier needed some work as well - it ofcourse took the brunt of the blow back in Scotland, and back home, it became apparent the mounts wouldn't move all that easily anymore. This week, I first hammered out some of the dents and then took the mountingsystem apart. Lubed it up, filed off some excess aluminium which was blocking up the system, and now it's working like a dream again.

Behind the scenes I'm also working on some ideas for extra fund-raising next year, but I'll keep those to myself for the time being (don't you just love them teasers!) I'll leave you with some extra piece of wisdom on mounting a helmetcam. The images speak for themselves...