zondag 1 januari 2012

Happy New Year!

From Dekatria HQ I wish you all a very nice 2012!  Hopefully this year will be as good to you as 2011 was to me, your New Year's Resolutions will  last longer than a month and the year will still end the 31st of December rather than the 21st (like some tinfoil-hatted people have suggested).

I plan to make it a year where I visit the island of great humour, even greater music, sadly less great weather and great beverages: Great Britain! Prior to that, the Ardennes will also be ridden to.. and you'll be on the front row!

Yesterday I brought the Alp back to life again, and took it for a spin. I chose to kill two birds with one stone, and also test my fresh new helmet cam which had come in the day before.
It's a Drift HD170 Stealth, and mounted on the side of the helmet it almost like I've got a Predator gun at the side of my head (I put a pic of it in the Photo Gallery to the left). Shame it hasn't got those triangular lasers...

Just as a taste, here's a screenshot from the on-board riding clip I shot. The image from the Drift is wide angle,  high-def, and its point of view is so scaringly close to my own, it almost gives the impression that you're riding yourself while watching. The sound is its only failing at this point; something I'm hoping to fix with an in-helmet microphone.

The coming week I plan to mount the ZEGA panniers to the Alp along with a taller windscreen. The windscreen on the Alp at the moment brings the turbulence right on my visor, which makes the windnoise downright excruciating for both myself as well as the camera.

Expect pictures of the progress in the coming week, as well as some proper footage from the Drift. For now, stay sober ;)